There is always a path to great people…

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One of my best friends told me that there is always a path to great people. Sometimes we just have to be a little bit more patient and give it some time.

There are days when we are completely lost and we don`t see an exit or entrance to a next chapter of life. It seems like we try so hard but with no result. And then you tell to yourself: It`s enough! I can`t handle any more challenges.

But then with time you start trying again and again. And you do not understand where the power comes from. But something moves you towards your goal. Maybe it is just your inner you- the fire living inside your heart. Or maybe it`s your cold mind that never stop looking for solutions.

Indeed, there is always a path to great people. You can`t learn to be a leader…. you are born to be a leader, you are born with a strong heart! The power is inside you and your mind will find the way out! Give it some time.


By Assel

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