Does it matter what we dress?

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I have never thought about the clothes I wear until my sister asked me to follow her to an image-making training.

Since I had free time, I thought why not to try it. I have never paid much attention at clothes. Working and studying at universities, I used to wear something comfortable and usually it was shirt and pants. But also, I tried to wear some dressed as I like to show that even if I work as an engineer I am still a pretty girl.

I never thought that clothes can play a role in pursuing your job aims or even improve your career.

Me and my sister arrived to a training. There were other 8 girls who wondered how to dress well. First of all, we had to find out what our body shapes were. Typically, there are 6 body shapes: hourglass, figure 8, rectangle, triangle, oval and inverted triangle. My shape is hourglass. The first lesson is that clothes should be dresses based on the body shape!

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Women having an hourglass body shape can wear mostly everything. Those women who have larger hips should wear something that can emphasize there waists. That can be belts, dresses that have well-defined waist line. If women have large shoulders and narrow hips, then they should not have any additional things on the shirts such as frills, so that there is no emphasis on the large shoulders.

It is also important to determine a colour type personality based on your skin and hair colour. The types are spring, winter, summer and autumn colours.

We also learnt about the accessories such as a brooch, necklace, ring and ear-rings. Our trainer said that accessories are the important elements in the whole look. You can dress a simple black dress and have a well-suited brooch that can make up the whole look. Also, you can just wear a simple white T-shirt with classic jeans and having a bow on a shirt that can transfer your look into an elegant one.

Your wardrobe should consist of two parts: basic and clothes for outing (to a theater, restaurant…). The basic wardrobe should make 50-60% of all your clothes!

There are 13 clothes in a basic wardrobe which are:

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-perfect (cotton) white and gray classic T-shirt,

-classic jeans (not tight!)

-leather jacket

-classic, white cotton shirt

-pencil skirt

-pencil dress


-classic coat

-cocktail dress

-jumper with V neck

-classic trousers

-evening dress

-vest..striped.. as stripes are now fashionable.

Our trainer also taught as to make make up. She was saying that women should always look good and she should dress clothes depending where she is going. If you go to a restaurant then you cannot wear sport pants! And if you go to a gym, you cannot wear classic shirt!

Clothes have a purpose and clothes tell many things about their owner!

If you like to be promoted to a better paid position, you have to start now from checking your wardrobe. Dress as you are already a senior manager even if you are still junior. And it will come to you.

Our training took 6 days. And all girls really transformed! Before, I could wear quite a short skirt to  work! Well, I didnt put on any high heels and it did not look any aggressive.But my trainer said: NO tight and short clothes!

There must be a space between you and clothes. Then you look fragile under it :)

Now, I try to wear the right clothes everywhere as it conveys a meaning and it says a lot about me!

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