A Dream for a New Year…

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Believe it or not but dreams wished when watch ticks twelve o`clock may come true! It happened to me many times.

Many bad or good things happen to us throughout a year. And many of us hope that new year will bring more success, prosperity and happiness. And yes it usually does! At the New Year`s eve we should sit and think about the year we lived through. Make some analysis and make a list of your successful deeds you had and a list of your next year goals.

Your thoughts can come true and what wish you make for a New Year should come from your heart. It should be very precise and short.  If you make it from the bottom of your heart and if you truly believe in it, it will certainly come true. Just be a little bit patient. Then you have to forget about your wish and you should focus on your behaviour that can bring your wish to life. Make you goal come closer by daily things that can bring you to your goal. Don`t ever give up and one day you will pick up yourself at the thought: Yes! My wish came true! Unbelievable!


By Assel

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