Have you ever thought to make taco this way? A Norwegian way!

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Spending some time in Norway as a student I found out a very interesting way of making Spanish taco. Norwegians like to make it on Friday for dinner and call it — Friday taco. They like to make it at the end of the week as it is easy to make and very tasty.

To make a Norwegian taco you will need some vegetables, minced meat, bread and salsa sauce.

Chop cucumber, tomato, pepper, onion (spring onion) into separate bowls. You can fry mushrooms and place them into a separate bowl.  You will need minced meat which makes it very tasty in taco. Just fry it with salt and pepper. You can also add any spices you like with meat.

Also you will need cheese into a separate bowl. The best part starts when you place all the bowls on the table and start load your bread with little bit of cucumber ,tomato or anything you like to be in you taco. Circulate the bowls around with those who shares your meal. You can also use sour cream as an additional sauce. Then wrap it all and ENJOY!


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To spicy your taco adventure, you can make guacamole with some chips or nachos.

Here is my recipe for guacamole:


Crush two avocados into a bowl. Chop one tomato, one small or medium onion. Chop into one or two pieces of garlic. Salt and pepper everything and squeeze half of a lime into it. Finally, add one spoon of sour cream and mix it all.


Here is some pictures for one of my taco experience:



Enjoy your easy and very tasty taco!

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