Give a name to a cyclone…

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How to make people to find a shelter if the severe storm is coming? Let`s give it a name to carry a note of the menace.

Researchers say that giving a name like Cyclone Amanda will make people to search for a shelter rather than when the threats of anonymous storms usually go unheeded.

Clement L. Wragge, a nineteenth century Australian weatherman , is credited to be the first person who gave a name to a storm. That time he was choosing biblical names such as Rakem, Talman…Uphaz.

Naming cyclones received a modern fashion with World War II, when an American radio operator was whistling a song «Every little breeze seems to whisper Louise»…informing about a coming storm.

Usually, only female names were given to hurricanes, typhoons and cyclones. But since 1975, Australian weather service started to give male names too.

The names that were given to particularly destructing storms are usually not used twice… to mark them uniquely.



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