Komle OR my Norwegian experience continues…

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Today I have tried one of the Norwegian dish which is called -KOMLE!

Komle is made of potato and flower and also called potato dumplings, raspeball, potetball, kompe.

This dish is very popular in the west and south of Norway. It is also quite popular in Germany.

After tasting komle, I remembered that this dish reminds me a Russian dish called — klecki which is also made of flower, eggs and sometimes potato.

In Norway, komle serves as a side dish and it goes very well with sausages and bacon. In Russia, it can be added into soups and sometimes it is made a bit smaller in size for soup.


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If you are in Norway and you are served komla, you have to cut it into smaller pieces and add bacon on top and mix it with vegetables.

It becomes very enjoyable and tasty once mixed with sauce or bacon.

It is also very filling dish. When I was eating it, it made me full very fast and I managed to eat only one ball.


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