Travel to Utsira or Norwegian Easter Holidays. Part 1

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This time I travel to Utsira for Easter holidays with my Norwegian boyfriend and his family. Norwegians are famous for Hyttetur, especially on Easter and summer holidays. Hyttetur comes from two Norwegian words- Hytte and tur. Hytte means a cabin and tur means a tour. Hyttetur is a family travel to a cabin where all family can gather together and spend time having nice walks, food and a lot of fun.

Utsira is an island in Rogaland county in Norway. It is located in the North sea and it is close to Haugesund city.
To get to that island, we took a ferry from Haugesund. This ferry is quite big, warm and cosy. You can fit in your car into a ferry, however, the island is quite small and there is no much need for cars.
The day we took a ferry to Utsira was sunny and the sea was calm. Since the island lies in the open sea, you can experience huge waves and the travel may turn to be a bit of a danger. We were quite lucky this time. The weather in Utsira is more or less sunny, a bit windy, and it was even some snow yesterday.


To be continued…

Waiting for a ferry from Haugesund to Utsira:

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Map of Utsira on a ferry:


Just departed from Haugesund, view from a ferry:


Utsira, stone and rocks:


View from an Old harbour:


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